The following graph shows the variation in quality that the baker was receiving from each of their suppliers. The variation in flour means a variation in recipe, which in turn means more test baking, more waste and over a period of time ….a significant decrease in profits

Graph showing comparrison of flour from different suppliers

The following graph shows what happened when the millers were made to monitor their flour using a Branscan..

Consistancy of flours after using a Branscan instrument


When operators were asked why they quality improved the answer was simple. With the Branscan they had real time information about both the visual quality and the physical properties of the flour being produced. As the data was in real time the operators were able to make changes to the milling process to ensure quality was consistent.

The follwoing graph shows how consistant test samples were when scanned on different instruments located at 6 different sites located around the UK.

Graph of Ring Test Data

A Baker once said:

“In the last 10 years two great things have happened:

1.) Debranning

2.) The ability to accurately measure bran and aleurone in flour”

“with our suppliers using Branscan the quality has improved from the suppliers and more importantly the consistency of flour has improved as well.

Using Branscan results as quality control means we no longer have to worry about the flour we buy from our suppliers”