Pocket Scan

PocketScan Handheld NIR

One Cloud, One Local Calibration,

Many devices

The Pocket Scan handheld NIR gives farmers, grain stores and millers the ability to monitor quality of wheat accurately, anywhere. No laboratory testing is required, just connect the device to a smart phone and scan the product .

Pocket Scan Green

Sample is simply loaded into the cup provided, and placed onto the scanner then using the application that was downloaded onto your smarth phone (both IOS and Android are supported) ,  click scan and the sample is scanned

Empty sample cup
Sample cup and Pocketscan
Full Sample Cup
Archive data on teh web

The spectra is then sent up to the cloud and analysed with a calibration . The results are then displayed both on the Smartphone that is connected and also saved in to an online database so that you can retreive the results  at a later date

Cloud Computing
Pocket Scan completing the jigsaw

With your own unique log in, you will have access to any private calibrations that have been created locally for your own purposes and also a library of calibration that have been purchased with the instrument. These calibration librarys are automatically updated on a regular basis, meaning you can get on with what matters to you and Branscan will look after the calibrations.

Pocket Scan is the missing part of the jigsaw, that allows Farmers, Grain Stores, Millers etc to all be on the same page with regards quality The future is finally here.

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